Monday, February 22, 2010

Jonas' poem

This is a "poem" that Jonas wrote for his new brother, Isaac, the week he was born.

Who am I?

Am I a cat?
No way!
Am I a dot on a dog?
No way!
Am I a lion?
No way!
Am I a tiger?
No way!
What am I
and that's the end
but it's not
You are a baby whose name is Isaac!

(that's a pic of Jonas holding Isaac at the end)


Erin Neiner said...

Eat my heart out!
A tiger that looks like a frog,
the outlined letters,
the baby with closed eyes and eyelashes on top who is also holding a sailboat!!??!!

This is glorious.
I do hope you frame a copy for Isaac's room!
I L.O.V.E. kids art. They know how to freely express!!!

Thanks for sharing! Good to "see" you back! :)

Beth said...

Erin- me too. me too!!! I love watching how they develop. I enjoy comparing Kate at 2, Ella at 4, and Jonas at 6. It's all so unique and special! I save WAY too much, I'm sure, but I just love it all. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Becca S said...

Oh my word, Beth. That poem is awesome!! I love it! It just tickles me when my kids do stuff like need to scrap that for sure!!