Sunday, June 07, 2009


30 random things about me...

1. My favorite color is green
2. I hate most green vegetables
3. growing up I always imagined that I'd have about a dozen kids, but I'm good with 4!
4. I've had a pet dog, cat, raccoon, crow, squirrel, rabbits (LOTS), turtle, fish, rock (yes, I grew up in the CITY!)
5. I don't like fingernails- long, fake, or painted... yuck! (I don't go w/out painted toenails though)
6. When I was in kindergarten I got my first marriage proposal. It was written in a nice letter and sent to me along with the boys old pens and pencils in a Velveeta cheese box. My mom made me write back declining his proposal and telling him that I couldn't start thinking about boys until I was at least 18!
7. I like the feeling of getting into a super hot car in the middle of summer.
8. I love cheese! It's my favorite! I'd like it for my birthday. I'd like it in a car. I'd like it anywhere. (can't wait for cheese curds at the state fair!)
9. My dream place to be and live is the beach.
10. I have narrow feet and high arches and have had soar feet/ heel problems since 7th grade
11. I've been camping ever summer of my life and LOVE it!
12. I'm so thankful that my mom taught me how to sew and to be creative in everything I do.
13. I once got 2nd place at state competition for reciting the poem "Leetla Georgio Washington" with an Italian accent.
14. My brothers and sister and I had a 3 story tree house, rope swings, tire swings, zip lines, and bales or hay for practicing archery (did I mention I grew up in the city?!!! :)))
15. I LOVE it that my sister is my sister-in-law!
16. I imagine myself being a runner... maybe one day.
17. I fly every night in my dreams. I'm usually rescuing children or exploring distant and strange lands or fleeing for my life. I wake up often and am very tired after my dreams!
18. I would love to have a dress makers dummy and I'd like to turn my basement into a sewing lounge- how trendy and cool!
19. I'm not a reader. I love pictures.
20. I pride myself in organized closets (all containers matching with neat matching labels); however, the most obvious places- countertops and table tops always have a pile of paper and other stuff on them! What is my problem? UHHHH!!! frustrations with paper piles... too much junk... must change that! any advice?
21. I have sentimental attachments to way too many things. I won't start a list here. It would be LONG!
22. I've never seen Jason cry.
23. I once "borrowed" a golf cart and hid it in a strange place
24. I didn't have my ears pierced until 6 weeks before my wedding.
25. Anthropology is my favorite store.
26. I was almost named Lena.
27. I like to watch Iron Chef and Project Runway when I get the chance.
28. I've had many jobs (JC Penny, Thirsty's (smoothy making place), Transamerica Financial, Brumbaugh Building, Brainerd Vending Company, Northland's library and Admission's office and Business office, and the Blue Ridge Cafe)
29. I'm allergic to bee stings and poison ivy.
30. I was born on June 7, 1979. Today I'm 30.


skB said...

HaPpY 30th BiRtHdAy!!!!!

Meg Flaming said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Lindsay Tuttle said...

Happy Birthday to US!
God has really blessed us both over these past 30 years, hasn't He?
By the way, I love your #6!

Carrie said...

Happy 30th, I celebrated mine just 5 days ago. It was great and I hope yours is to. you have had an interesting 30 years it sounds like but it has made you the wonderful person you are today. Best Wishes to another happy 30...and more!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday (a day late)! I hope you had a great day!

Erin Neiner said...

HAPPY belated 30th, FRIEND!!!
Thanks for sharing all your special you-isms!!!
Hope you had a super-duper birthday!!!

Ben and Carissa said...

Happy birthday Beth! Oh, and you said you are ok with FOUR kids???? Did I miss a post?? :)

Ben and Carissa said...

Ok, so I did! Congratulations, and way to go on convincing Jason!!! I'm still working on that one! Hee Hee!

Janelle said...

WOW, oh WOW!!!! I don't check my blogs for a day and look at all I've missed!!! Happy Belated Birthday (welcome to the 30's club!), and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! You are such a great Mom and one more will be WONDERFUL!!! Maybe you'll even the score with another boy?!!!

Sounds like your summer is off to a racing start! I'm sure it's going to be great and can't wait to see pictures and hear all the fun stories! I'll be praying that your little queezyness will go away and stay away! So happy for you guys!

Chastity Gomez said...

Happy Birthday Beth!! Hope it was magical in every way!

Leah said...

Beth, I remembered it was your birthday, but didn't have the internet at home to send you a happy bday wish. #31, You once had a secret club on the planet Villa Caploota :)

Josh said...

Congrats!!! Four will be a lot of fun. I have always wanted four. Did you say getting rid of things because of the mission field? Does Brazil sound good? Come visit!

Josh said...

Beth, Josh blogger is Me- Melissa (creed) Daniel. Don't know how that happened. Sorry.

Matt & Nicki said...

Believe it or not, I learned quite a few things about you that I never knew before! That was fun to read. .. I miss hanging out with you my friend! Your summer's are crazy, I know, perhaps we will have to have a Late birthday lunch--we can't ruin that tradition:)

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

I think this was super creative and fun to read! love ya

Jennifer Beauchamp said...

Okay number one Happy Birthday and welcome to the world of 30! Sorry I am so late. Number two you have never seen your husband cry? Does he cry in private or does he not remember the last time he cried? You probably will bawl your head off when you do if you are sappy like me, haha.