Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break

24 hours and we're off to Portland! I'm taking a packing break right now to blog. I'm going to skip right over the quick trip Jason and I took to Florida in February with our pastor and his wife (FUN!) and get right on with March. If I try to play catch up now, I'll just fall behind. So you can imagine some long and endearing post about our romantic and fun getaway and all of the great things we did and learned and experienced together as we were basking in the sun. Enjoy the mental images of dolphins in the ocean, beautiful Clearwater beach, Kim and I feeding pelicans off the pier, Jason holding pastor Matt on his shoulders getting coconuts out of a palm tree (hilarious), and the 4 of us pedaling around a strange 4 seated bike contraption as we dodged the many senior snowbirds clogging the sidewalks! Well, on to the next trip. We leave for OR tomorrow. We are VERY excited about this trip! We've only had the opportunity to visit Jason's home twice as a family in our almost 7 yrs of marriage. THANK YOU mom and dad S for this trip! We've been looking forward to it for a long time. We will also be spending 4 days in Bend where Mark and Amy are helping the Tittles plant a church. I'm coiming Amy! Tuesday was Kate's birthday, Saturday is Jack's (dad S), and the 26th is Ella's. When I get back I'll have some parties to blog about and some stories to tell of our travels (hopefully- nothing TOO eventful though!). Happy trails to us!

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