Monday, March 09, 2009

happy birthday kate

you are my cuddle bug, my kate bug, my kate the great, my baby cake. you are intense and sweet and loud. you are funny- so funny- and curious. you love to "tickle, tickle, tickle" and give big kisses and hugs. you want to know what is happening with everyone all of the time. you want to learn and do. you want to "hold you" and sing songs. you want to "dance with you". you want to "help you" which ironically means I'll do it by myself! you have always loved books. you love your baby. you sleep with it every night. you are my baby. my number 3. i love you, kate kate.

(March is a busy month for us and I promise lots of pics and summaries of all the parties and happenings by the end of the month- stay tuned!)

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Future of Hope said...

Oh, Beth, this post is soooo sweet!

Give the little birthday girl a hug and a kiss from her far-away great aunt!(Man, that makes me sound ancient!)