Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Here we go again

This pic is the inside of the kids suitcase.  I'm not sure that's obvious.  The suitcase gets unpacked, the clothes get washed, they barely get folded and then put back in!  The kids and I leave Friday for Tennessee for the wedding.  Jason will fly down later since he has Elementary camp to run starting Monday.   I'd sure appreciate any great kid- traveling tips.  I have about an 18 hour drive.  One of the girls in our youth group is coming along to help me.  Thank you Brittni!!!


Matt & Nicki said...

I was going to call you--b/c Target's $ spot has some great animal, dinosaur, insect etc., flashcards in their dollar spot and some activity books--some things that may help keep them busy in the car.

The Stamper Story said...

thanks nic. I'm glad i didn't get anything though because Sara K got some GREAT stuff for the kids (and Britt and I). It was such a nice thoughtful surprise!!!

Beth said...

I'm waiting to see pictures of the wedding!