Sunday, June 29, 2008


During the summer months our MOMS program takes a different shape.  It's not a formal Bible study or anything very organized.  Whoever can just gets together at someone's house for a brief time of fellowship.  These pics were taken a few weeks ago at Kim's house.  There were about 20 kids under the age of 8!  You can probably imagine that we mom's didn't exactly sit around sipping lemonade.  It was fun though and a great time for me to connect with friends during my busy summer.

Kate swinging with her new happy friend, Sophia

Kate LOVES dogs!  (request for tech support:  why can I not rotate some of my pics in iPhoto?)
Actually, everyone loved Bagle the beagle!


Future of Hope said...

I would love to hear more about your MOM group! Our church recently started a PB and J club. Every two weeks we gather at a local park. Everyone brings a sack lunch, and the kids play while the moms visit.By meeting at the local parks, we have been able to pass out flyers of upcoming club dates (tomorrow we go to the petting zoo). We have had one mother and her young son at every meeting. They do not attend church anywhere, and we are hoping that this activity will be a bridge to reaching her family.
Anyway, our planning team is hoping that during the school year when most of the kids will be in school, we can turn the PB and J club into a mom's Bible study and play time for the little ones. We are still working on the logistics (nameley childcare) and would love your input on ideas!

The Stamper Story said...

erin- are you on fb? you need a page. we could chat more there.

Ben and Carissa said...

looks like fun! What a great idea!!

jeileenbaylor said...

What a fun time to get together with other moms and let the kids play :o)