Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twins Game

We were given 4 tickets to Thursdays Twins game! We had such a fun time as a family. This was mine and Ella's first game. The guys have been a few times before. We got the full experience. A foul ball landed just behind us and the guys that caught it dumped their cups of beer. It splashed all over Jonas and me. I hear that beer is good for your hair, but I didn't appreciate the nasty smell and sticky feeling that accompanied me for the next several hours. They were very apolagetic and even gave Jonas the ball! That was exciting.

the girls

yummy cotton candy- yes, the food was more exciting than the game


the proud fans


Audrea said...

My mom had the beer-dumping thing happen once. We went to an "away" game for our favorite team and when our team won, the guys behind us baptized my mom--or so she says. We weren't really old enough to pay attention to the context, all I remember is my mom smelling foul on the way home and having a mood to match! Glad you guys got to have a fun event!

Meg Anne Tuttle said...

So fun! Glad you could experience a game first hand. I think you'll get hooked. . .eventually. :)

The Stamper Story said...

meg- I was very surprised that I enjoyed it! Baseball isn't so bad in person. :) I don't think I'd ever get hooked on the $50 tickets unless we get some more free ones! I can think of MUCH better things to do w $50!

Matt & Nicki said...

how sad is it that I talk to you and see you a couple times a week and STILL have to read your blog to get caught up on the details of life!?! Glad you guys had fun!

Sarah said...

who's kids are those?? look at those blond heads!!
I love you!!!!!
cant wait to see you!

party of eight said...

i am so sorry you got dumped on! oh gross. when i was in high school i got spilled on at a packer game. SO GROSS!

you guys are such a cute family.