Friday, May 23, 2008

just stuff

I found a little something at my favorite store a few weeks ago. It's the cute ponytail holder pictured below. Anthro is so pricey so I usually go to window shop and dream (oh- and get great ideas of things I think I'll make and never do!). This practical little gadget was $10. I held it and put it back, carried it around and put it back, picked it up and put it down.... then I decided that since I wear my hair in a ponytail every day that I should get it! It's amazing how pretty I feel in an otherwise blah-everyday-mom can't take a shower for 3 more hours until nap time- ponytail with my new purchase. Yeah for me!

Uncle Justin is here for the summer!!!! Justin is my youngest brother. He will be the summer camp intern for our church. Jason is the pastor who coordinates all of the summer happenings at our church's camp so Justin will work with/ for him. We are excited that he'll be staying at our house on the weekends and that we'll be staying with him out at camp several weeks this summer when our church groups are out there.

This is the only picture I have of Jonas' AWANA Cubbie's award night. He has finished his second book and will be a Sparky next year. I can't believe that! Ella will start Cubbies next year.
peeking at Kate through the mirror in her room
This is just a building I like in Minneapolis. I took the picture when we went downtown to the Twins game last week. I looked like a tourist in our own city!

My little Kate is not acting very much like a baby these days. She's riding things, climbing things, and saying too many things. It's so fun to experience all of these new things with her, but when she started saying "baby" and pointing out the babies everywhere we go I started getting really sad. How can my baby be saying "baby"?


jeileenbaylor said...

oooohhhh - I love that hair piece - and you definitely deserve it :o)

Mo's Mob said...

I love the pony tail embellishment too!! Thanks for "stopping by" our blog :)! Time flies, doesn't it? We miss seeing you guys around too-it's fun to see how big the kids are getting! Love Kate's little shoes in her pic too - so cute!!!!

party of eight said...

i LOVE your pony tail holder too. i wear a pony every day. and my hair gets washed every other day or every 3 days.

how fun to have your brother around for the summer. i wish mine could be here.