Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy 11 months sweet Kate!


Matt & Nicki said...

That first picture reminds me so much of Ella!

Cabin Fever said...

Hi Beth
Thanks for signing up for the give-away on my blog. I'm a fairly new blogger and was never going to blog or sell on etsy, but now I do and it's great. I've had a few sales and a good wholesale order from it so far. With John not working very much, a few hours each week, it's how the Lord is providing. God is soooo good and I'm thankful.
It's so good to see Amy and Justin. I miss you and Mark and Anne and Jason. I think the last time I saw you was when I brought Amy to Madison for the Gift Mart I was attending for my gift shop.
You know Beth, it really is because of your shop that I really got into this. I LOVED all your posts and only wish I could have done this with my kids-but alas, they were born before PC's. I stayed up late many nights reading and re-reading your beautiful blog.
God bless you greatly,
Pam (We used to be the Warden 5) but with all the additions we have 14 now :-)
Commercial:I have a give-away each month for comments:)

Cabin Fever said...

P.S. He is doing really well right now from the lung transplant. Keep him in prayer please.
Thanks and Hugs and Happy Birthday to a little Stamper,

Janelle said...

That last picture is a crack up! She's so adorable and I cannot believe she's almost a year old already!!!! Has the time gone fast for you too? What a little blessing you have there!

Meg Anne Tuttle said...

I love the picture of Kate all bundled up & crying. Mom has a great picture like that of Lindsay & Emily. Priceless!

partyofsix said...

kate is beautiful.

i can't believe she is almost a year!

Erin Neiner said...

i cannot believe she's almost a year already!!! YIKES!!! What a sweetie pie. I love how you have her dressed in every one of these pictures. Oh for the day of a girl...wink wink.