Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ella LOVES olives!

Ella is the only one in our house who likes olives. Occassionaly I buy a little can of sliced olives just for her and she gets so happy. I wish I could have captured her delight when I opened this can of whole olives for her today! She thought they were great. I thought of grabbing my camera a little too late, but here are of few pics of her enjoying them. I know what to get her for her birthday next month!


Erin Neiner said...

I am gagging looking at this picture! ;) JK...if there's anything I REALLY dislike...its olive. All the more power to you, Ella!!!! My cousin used to put the olives on her fingers like that all the time!!! So cute!

Lindsay Tuttle said...

I've got to balance Erin's comment. Ella and I should start a club . . . Olive Lovers 'R Us! Now I know what to bring next time I come babysit!