Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ella and Kate's bedroom

I've been waiting to post this for so long because I want everything to be "done". I have so many plans still (quilts, pillows, satin and pop pop trims, chenille, bedskirts, pictures framed, etc...), but I figure I'd better post now, or maybe never! The vanity is from my grandma's basement! The glider was denim and my mom recovered it with a sheet! The crib was given to us by friends from church. This was my first time painting stripes and I love how it turned out! This room is soooo pink-- even the ceiling is pink.

The headboard/ sideboard by Ella's bed was fun to make. It's a 2' x 4' piece of plywood covered with quilt batting and the same fabric (a sheet from Target) as the glider. Eventually I want the bed to look like a little daybed with pillows and a quilt.

My sister made this little sign for me when I first went away to college. She was only in 6th grade. I treasure it.

This was my first dress.

Cathy made this cute flower! She gave it to me when we went to WI. It's perfect in the girls room.
Here's where Ella's baby sleeps!
My grandma and grandpa made this doll house for me when I was two. Now my girls have it.

These containers are under Ella's bed. Shoes are in one, and babies and stuff in the other.


Carrie said...

I really like the stripes as well as all the other homemade little accents. Very nice job!

Hannah said...

I love-love-love their room. How feminine and girly. It is perfect. I want to come and see your whole house. It looks really nice. How did you do the stripes?

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

LOVE it! I think it's wonderful how the girls are surrounded by so many meaningful items. Great job!

Erin Neiner said...

LOVE the room, Beth! Even though I only caught a glimpse, I love that vintage chandelier hanging up!! Is it actually wired and working?? We also did stripes in Jacks room and it was fun...We must have used 500 feet of blue tape! How sweet to have your first dress!! You have done a wonderful job at neatly and creativly displaying your beautiful things!!!! Great Job!! I need to get up the courage and start putting some nails in the boys rooms!! Thanks for the inspiration!

sc3b said...

It is LOVELY!!!! You have done a wonderful job. The sign from Amy is so special. I can't believe she was only in 6th grade when you started school. Time flies & people grow up! I love the stripes - looks like Bonnie's green room :)

Future of Hope said...

How perfectly pink! It is the perfect little girl's room!

Matt & Nicki said...

I just saw that you told anna about "sara mincy's" blog, which was rather weird since I almost told you about it or sent you the link. .. she had posted a comment on my sister's blog about the triplets so i clicked on her and saw colors, painting and decorating galore. . . how funny that you should happen across her and mention her to anna!

Katie said...

the room turned out so beautifully! you are so amazing.

Chastity said...

SO pretty Beth! you are so creative and the girls are blessed to have such a sweet mommy! I also LOVED the chandelier and the stripes- too cute!

Tamara said...

Hi, found your blog through a google search. My daughter are also called Ella and Kate and they too share a bedroom.
Your girls bedroom is beautiful. I have posted my girls on my blog too.