Sunday, March 04, 2007

Purchase Agreement

We signed the purcase agreement on a house this week! If you'd like to see it do the following: Go to and click on the region of the map that says Greater Northwest and Suburbs. Click on "Click here to begin your Full Home Search" at the top right. In the Fast Finder box type the MLS #3313495. We are praising the Lord to have found this house for this price that only needs cosmetic touches! We've always rented and haven't been able to paint so I'm so excited to paint! I've gathered so many paint samples and decorating ideas that my head is swimming with it all. So, here's our calendar (just the major things): March 15- baby due, March 16- Jason's Senior doctrinal defense (the culmination of the past 4 1/2 years of seminary where he gets grilled and defends his doctrinal beliefs), on or before March 19- close on the house!


Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Oh Beth!! I am so so happy for you. The house is adorable-- beautiful wood floors. And it looks like a great sized yard. I can't wait to see how you paint and decorate it-- though with a baby coming and all I won't be looking for those pictures until this summer :) I can completely relate to your crazy schedule! Over the course of 5 weeks we closed on a house, had a baby, and Alex got ordained. I remember singing in the shower "One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus" with all the southern flare I could muster :) (and that was the only line of the song I knew) Will you have family around to help you?

Matt & Nicki said...

Matt and I love the wood floors as well--very nice (let me know when you need my help packing) I read Leah's post, isn't it nice to know that other people have been in the same boat as you?! Everything will be GREAT!! We are excited for you guys!

sc3b said...

Yeah!!! I think I remember looking at this house when we were there in Dec. (?) I like the yard and it looks like you will be able to do lots of stuff with the inside. Scott said that he can help paint if you want :) (He's a perfectionist at it, believe it or not). Looking forward to hearing of the new arrival.

partyofsix said...

wow, beth,

i have always heard that buying a house, having a baby, and getting married are the three most stressful times in life... but the Senior doctrinal defense should be one of them as well.

i will be praying for you. that is really exciting about your house!


Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Awesome - looks like a great find! You'll be pretty close to my mom. I cannot believe the time frames you're talking about - I know you'll survive, but things could get a little crazy! Is your mom coming? What is your ideal time choice for baby #3 to make an appearance?! Remember the castor oil!! You're in our thoughts and prayers regularly!

Beth and Jason said...

Thanks Leah. It is good to remember other people go through crazy times in life- and survive! My parents are coming around the due date time or a little after. I couldn't live w/out mom when Ella was born and I know this time it will be even more important to have someone to help with laundery, dishes, food, etc...

Nic- you can pack anytime! You're the best- except you always want me to throw everything away. :) ha! I guess I NEED you!

Cathy- So, Scott wants to come paint? We'd LOVE it!!!! You know you can't be sarcastic on a blog, because I can't tell. So, I expect you to come! :) (j/k)

Janelle- Jason worked on doctrinal statements from 8 AM yesterday morning to 1:30 AM last night! Tell your Jason to start now!!!

Es- I have thought about the castor oil... hmmm... I just don't know what the best timing is though. I think NOW, but then all these things come up that I have to be at. Like today is a 3 hour inspection at the house and a mtg. with the realator. Tomorrow or Thurs. is this long mtg. with the Home Ownership Co. that we're getting our loan through. The realator is always coming up with new papers to sign.... I just don't know when I have time to sit in the hospital for a few days! I have an apt. Thurs. and we'll talk about a date to be induced.

Future of Hope said...

The house seems to fit you! :-) I had the weirdest dream last night. Your mom called to say that you and Jason had a baby girl and named her "Awson Lea." (Must have been the burger I had at 9:00. :-)) Anyway, hang in there. I know a lot of people are praying for you, Jason, the house, the little one, and for your whole family.

PS: Have you seen Facing the Giants yet? I LOVED IT! What a testimony to have such a strong Christian film these days! I think we are going to show it during SH week at camp this summer.

Love you!

6packB said...

Dear Beth,
I am happy more than I can say at the possibility of your owning your own home. I know with your vision you are already picturing what you can do with it rather than just what it looks like now. It will be yours to fix as you wish!! I went through the pictures trying to picture your stuff in there. It will look so different then. Aren't you glad you have been downsizing per Jason's orders!:) It looks like it has a nice lot. Couldn't find the size on the listing. And a basement that is not included in the square footage? I am really praying for you these next few weeks. Wish I was there!