Friday, October 13, 2006

These are pumpkins we grew in our garden. The kids have had so much fun watching them grow and finally being allowed to pick them!


Troy & Sherry said...

I love pumpkins! and fall and christmas and holidays and time off work. :) Anwyays! The microwave isn't out there yet but it it will be above the dishwasher more that likely.
The jury is still out until we get it out there and see how it looks.

Beth said...

Hey Beth! Thanks for sending us your blog address. The pumpkins look great, Martha Stewart!! We sure miss you guys and think of you every time we play Taboo!

Beth and Jason said...

Sherry and Beth,
ah... I feel like I'm home. I opended my blog and see two comments. One from Sherry and the other from Beth. Thanks guys. Ya know, when you're a mom and home with little ones all day blogging is a connection with "big people" that I've really enjoyed. Sorry if I slip into my 3 year old language! And being "Martha Steward", Beth is NOT at all happening here. My garden looks like a huge pile of weeds. If you dig through it though you can find a pumpkin or two. They survive anything! I love it.