Friday, October 13, 2006

Jonas is being scolded and Ella is so happy it's not her- this time!


Future of Hope said...


I remember the first (and one of the few times) I held you; you just melted my heart. Your sweet little personality won me over from that moment on.

Now I see you with your big brother; both of you are growing up so fast!

Be a good girl for mommy and daddy, and tell mommy to post a picture of the stamper baby belly.

I love you, Ella. Give Jonas a big hug and kiss for me.

Auntie Erin

PS: Ella, do you know if mommy is having a girl or a boy?

Beth and Jason said...

Thank you aunt Erin! I always say "hi belly" to my belly and everyone elses! We want to be surprised this time since there is already a boy and a girl in the family. Mommy is 19 weeks. The ultrasound is Nov 1.