Friday, September 29, 2006

Daddy's Girl, Mamma's Boy

Here we are watching the dolphin show at the Minnesota Zoo for Jonas' b-day. These pics are a few months old now, but since I'm just new at blogging I have a lot to catch up on. I chose these pics because this is how our kids have always been. Jonas has always clung to mommy and Ella loves her daddy!


sc3b said...

Hi Jason & Beth...Well, I've been debating about starting a blog - mainly to keep in touch with all of our extension students who have moved on. When I got your email, it pushed me over the edge!!
We may be bringing Bethany to Klarissa's wedding, so perhaps will plan a visit with you (?)

Beth and Jason said...

Sounds great Cathy. Please come! This blogging is very addicting I must warn.

Abram Curtis said...

I can't believe it. I have searched for you - emailed what address I had, called the number I have, googled you.... and here you are, posting a note on Sherry's blog. I could cry. If you get a chance, please email me your phone number!!!!!

I love you as much as ever, miss you even more.

samantha said...

Hey Beth, Samantha Keith here--remember the business office?!! That was so much fun. Anyway, I was so glad to find your blog! Your kids are so cute!! We have 3 boys right now--it's crazy, but we love it!! We are living in Guam and love that too! I also have a blog
Hope to talk to ya soon!!!

Beth and Jason said...

Sarah-- How exciting! I've wanted to ask Sherry for your info. Thanks for finding me. I still miss you everyday! I'll e-mail.

Samantha-- Of course I remember you! I can't believe you're in Guam. My husband Jason's sister is a secretary there. Her name is Elizabeth Stamper. I'm going to find your blog right now! Thanks for posting.

Sarah said...

Hey babe! here is my attempt at a blog!
love you!!!

Carrie said...

Hey sis - Glad to find your blog. How old are your kids? They are very cute! check out my family at

Erin Neiner said...

Hey Guys:
We just jumped into the "blogging pool" as well and are so happy to find people like you around!! Your kiddos are so cute! Ella looks so much like Jason!! Hope all is well!