Friday, December 16, 2011

wish lists

I wish I could say that this post was about all of the great charitable giving my kids and I are involved in this holiday season, but it's not.  It's rather about the selfishness being alive and well over here.  It's a quite opposite post from this one.  My kids recently wrote their annual wish lists to their grandparents and here they are.  I wanted to remember them.

 Jonas' list was divided into categories and it included things like "Cars 2- must have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", not only very specific lego sets, but the words "a lot of other legos too", "no clothes please !!!!!!!!!!!!!", under the weapons category (yes, a whole category) he wants "a real flame thrower", under the video games category he lists specifics but requests "a lot of other ones too", and last but not least :) "pizzas, real food"
 Ella asks for a toy horse, a toy castle with a princess, paints, cupcake stickers, any kind of books, Barbie dresses, a pretty nightgown, and a puzzle.
 Kate wants an American Girl doll magazine, a Barbie coloring book, a Barbie cell phone, Peter Pan DVD, play clothes for Bitty Baby, play clothes for Kit, a toaster, a microwave, and a coffee maker.
 Isaac's lists included the things he likes.  They are loud, have wheels, and go fast.  just. like. isaac.



Amanda said...

LOVE the post, Beth!! Made me laugh. Thanks for posting.

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