Saturday, December 24, 2011


There are 13 of us in the house this Christmas.  It's cozy.  We are loving it.  Jason's parents and sister are here.  There is nothing better than family and I'm so thankful they can be here this Christmas.  We could NOT believe the piles of presents that kept accumulating under our tree.  We are really blessed, but keep in mind- 13 people!
BEST. GIFT. EVER.  = baby Emmaline
 We had to have a little photo shoot with our baby doll tonight since it's her first Christmas.
Aunt Elizabeth is staying in the girls room and they are loving their "sleepovers" and Ella's bed on the floor.  (Kate always sleeps on that little crib mattress and then shoves it under the big bed during the day.)
 best friends
Today at 4:50 (of course, minutes before hardware stores shut down for the holidays) we noticed a huge water leak in our basement.  Yep, the water heater busted.  That means 13 people are down to one toilet, no shower or tub, 1 bathroom sink, and 1 kitchen sink.  2 weeks ago our dishwasher broke (It's just because we went 4 years using it without a water softner).  So, I'm now doing dishes by heating water on the stove!  Fun Christmas memories are happening all around.  Tonight Jason and I posted the following on facebook.  At least we have our sense of humor and each other which of course is all that really matters.  We are blessed and no matter what curve comes down the road we have abundant grace for each moment.  We are joyfully celebrating our Savior this Christmas season!

by Jason:
Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Not a drop of hot water
Yet the carpets were doused.

The water heater tank
had been cracked with such care
By rust and by age
Well beyond repair

And mamma in her kerchief,
and I in my cap
No showers for us,
Well, we're just going to stink tomorrow I guess.

my response:
Twas weeks ago, dear 
that our dishwasher broke
the replacement was me
and that's really no joke.

I thought I might get one
from old St Nick
but now I'm afraid
that we'll get a new water heater instead and until then I'll have to keep boiling pots of water on the stove just to wash my dishes by hand but I'm not complaining because at least I have running water and don't have to chop wood and haul pails of water from the creek out back


mom and dad said...

love the post! love emma under the tree! love the poem and how it inspired your dad....

'Twas the night before amy'
where 14 people abode,
with nary a pot,
to empty their load.

The children and grandmas
treked down to the church,
while thoughts of tomorrow,
put me in a lerch.

I sprang up from my bed,
and threw open a book.
right to a section highlighted
in red,
and soon had Port-a-John right
on the hook!!!

And now alas,
there's not much more to tell.
For you've heard it before...
All's well, that ENDS well!!!

Beth said...

that's awesome, mom! and that's exactly the scenario that we were thinking about also! It's crazy that these things happen at the worst time imaginable! oh the stories we have...

Stamped Here by Him said...

Great Beth! Thanks again for the blessing and great gift of letting us live in your basement. Love you