Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving at our house

My parents were here for Thanksgiving.  We had a very relaxing day at home.  Taking into account a brand new baby in the house and grandparents who would be leaving the day after Thanksgiving, we didn't cook a turkey- for the first time in 9 years!  Instead,  we bought 3 rotisserie turkey breasts the night before and cut them and put them in a crock pot on warm all night.  The turkey was perfect and moist and made for a completely stress free day.

Uncle Mark and Jonas played several games of checkers.
We introduced grandma and grandpa "B" to the movie Tangled.  Isaac runs (he seldom walks) around singing "I have a dream, I have a dream, I have a dream..." at the top of his lunges.  He's crazy!
Both Kate and Ella LOVE to hold baby Emmaline any chance they get.  They hold her for a s long as they can.  They are enamored with their new "sister-cousin".  :)
We started the morning with donuts and egg nog- special treats!
enjoying grandpa
I'm pleased to announce that for the first time in Kate's life her hair is long enough for a ponytail!  She has finally stopped twisting and twirling her hair into knots. YEAH!  Now she has the goal of never cutting her hair to be just like Rapunzel.  Ha!
We enjoyed some of the nicest weather I can remember here for November.  The kids were able to play outside with grandma and grandpa all morning on Thanksgiving day while I worked in a quiet and empty kitchen preparing all the food.  It was wonderful!  I ran outside every now and then and took pictures and videos of the fun.  
Grandpa B and Isaac are two pees in a pod.  They are both rough and loud and intense and FAST.  Isaac loved being pushed all over the place by his grandpa while they chased and dodged kids and balls.  They both thought it was especially fun to run and bump over obstacles.
Kate has a style all her own and I love it.
Sweet Emmaline is very content.  This is how she spent the day:
Grandpa B got very efficient at keeping both the little guys happy.

When I asked Jonas what his favorite part about grandma and grandpa's visit was he told me about playing "cops and robbers" with grandma.  I think these next few pictures were during the capturing and tying up of Ella, the cop.

Enjoying our feast:
Ham, turkey, gravy, rolls, baked cheesy potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, sweet potato casserole, cranberry jello salad, and a veggie tray
We ate early in the day so that we could enjoy eating (especially yummy desserts) all the rest of the day!  Here Isaac is chilling with grandma (on Ella's bed) after our meal.

watching football
good company and a good game
and we end with more adorable sweetness

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AnneB said...

love it! and I love that blogger makes it so much easier to post lots more pictures in a single post! i love all the snippets of your day together! However, I need to see a picture of the woman behind the camera....and the other woman of the house:) miss you all lots and lots!!!!