Monday, June 25, 2007

Little professors on child- like faith

While Jason has put in long hours and hard work and much thought at Central Seminary, I've had some spiritual training from my own little professors. The Lord uses the simple basic truths of Scripture that I am attempting to teach to my children to renew my spirit.  I have all I need in God's Word.

The Bible has the answers (2 Peter 1:3)! Do I read, memorize, meditate, and study it? Jonas asked me last night when we were going to move again. (I guess he's getting used to moving every year!) I told him that we were going to be living in our new house for awhile and that when God tells us when to move we'll move. "Well," he said, "if God is in heaven he cannot talk to us down here. We can't hear that good!" I explained that we know what to do because God speaks to us through His Word and as we obey it and pray the Holy Spirit guides us. Jonas replied with this: "The Bible must be very big then because there are lots of people that need to know lots of things in the world!"

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Mary Ann said...

It's really fun when kids start talking about complex things; I love to hear how they have reasoned through what they don't fully understand yet :-)