Thursday, August 25, 2011


I think these two look so much alike!  Is it the eyes? The mouth?  They definitely have different noses.  The girls have the same little button nose and the boys have the same kind of nose.  Neither Kate or Isaac were very happy in this picture, but i love the intense look I see in their eyes.  It will be different to have just these little two at home with me this school year.  They are going to learn to be friends!  Yes, that's a command.  "Being friends" comes naturally sometimes (referring to my girls), but other times it's a learned behavior, and these two have some learning to do! :)  


Alisha said...

They definitely look alike. I think it's the eyes and mouth. They're adorable! I would love some pointers on helping them learn to be friends. My 2 girls are always fighting. They're getting better, but they still could get along much better. It's nerve-racking! lol!

Mary Ann said...

They are so, so, so cute & I agree about liking the intense expression. You are so wise to teach them to be friends. My sister is my best friend & except for a little bit of time in the middle school years, it's always been that way. It makes me so sad when I see grown siblings who have nothing to do with each other or who STILL can't get along. I hope they are quick learners for you :-)