Thursday, June 23, 2011

Isaac at 17 1/2 months

This little guy is in love with my iphone.  Who isn't?  He specifically asks for Toy Story 3, the game of Cat in the Hat, Baby Piano LITE, and Talking Gina.  How did people parent before technology? :)


Mary Ann said...

Heehee - starting him early on the techo train? If he likes the iphone at 17 1/2 months, what will he like when he's a teen? :-) He's a real cutie-pie!

Matt & Nicki said...

OH. MY. WORD! I love that kid! Beth, he is beautiful! I am missing it all:( he looks so much like mini-jonas! I am glad my mind can be put at ease that during this nursing stage my deaf 3 year old has learned to string together "wathca movie?" Sad!