Thursday, December 23, 2010

'tis the season

... for never having time to blog (you really should see all of the wonderful blog posts that are in my head daily!)
... for way too much hustle and bustle
... for baking and eating and giving
... for suspense building and secret keeping
... for Christmas programs
... for trips to the Post Office (LOVE the automated machine for packages that never has a line) 
... for homemade cards and wrapping paper and gifts 
... for advent chains and books (thank you, Erin) and tags
... for running to and from stores and forgetting things and going back for the fourth time in a week even though you thought you had planned so diligently throughout the year
... for finding out about a gift you should give at an event an hour before you go (hmmm... should plan better next year)
... for buying a gift card on the way to a party and writing in a card at a stop light on the way
... for an accidental family picture that we like without the hassle of a planned photo shoot (YEAH!)
... for never remembering to water our tree
... for "no touch" training sessions with a one year old
... for hearing the one year old say "ights" in awe everytime he sees the beautiful lights of Christmas
... for snuggles and giggles and loves
... for a break from school
... for grandparents visiting from Portland, Oregon
... for getting to go to the totally snowy and crazy outdoor Vikings game Monday night- unforgettable!
... for getting a something special that you've wanted for a least 15 years (I'll save the surprise for later!)
... for SNOW.  It's winter wonderland here in Minnesota.  The funny thing about all the snow we get here is that it won't go away for months and months.  It just keeps coming this year and it's piling up.  These pics were taken a few weeks ago.  There's at least 4 more inches now.  It's hard to get perspective on the snow when you  see it like this first picture, but the third one shows how deep it is.  I really need to put the kids in it to show how deep it is.


Chastity Gomez said...

Send some snow our way!!

Erin Neiner said...

Oh, this sounds like my list, too! :)
Yes....LOVE the automated machines at the PO. Where have they been all our mothering lives??? Next year, I may attempt the click and ship???

Yes....going to the store 4 times in week when you thought you had all your ducks in a row!!! This is the first night this week I had to run out after the kids are tucked away to those late houred stores.

Yes....teaching 'no touch.' However, I think my teaching is complete. You see, when I walked into the kitchen the other day I heard a loud crash...then a certain caiden crying for help in a one year old way, and I saw (in disbelief for a second) caiden pulled the tree down on top of himself. I couldn't even see him...only hear him. And since then, he's been cured! Though he still does go over and ever so carefully jingle the bell ornament once in a while. filling out a card at a stop light. Did that today, actualy!

And though we have snow...not nearly the amount you have there!!!!!! WOW!!!! A Vikings fun!!! And cannot wait for the big reveal!!! 15 years!!! WOw......

Merry, Happy Christmas!!!!!

Erin Neiner said...

*oops. this is the first night I have NOT had to run out, is what I meant! :)