Monday, September 06, 2010

nothing between my soul and the Savior

Last night was communion at our church.  As I sat quietly searching my heart and asking God to point out any sin in me I was convicted.  Deeply convicted over my inconsistent prayer life.  I am so accustomed to checking fb, updating my status, and maintaining my blogs daily.  And when there is a failed internet connection I immediately try to solve the problem or find my husband to check the router or call our provider to fix the problem!  How diligent am I at repairing a "failed connection" I have with my Father?  I have been known to go days without realizing there is a communication error in my prayer life.  Am I that self absorbed?  Will you agree with me that much of the thrill of communication (via fb and email and blogging) is the response?  I wouldn't put a lot of work into conversations that I knew were going to be one-sided.  As much as I like the sound of my own voice and absolutely think my opinions are important and worth sharing (and usually RIGHT wink.wink.) I wouldn't continue conversations if there were no response.  My gracious God is always there.  always listening.  always responding.  I often rush in and out of His presence without even pausing to listen. to adore. to revere.  When my communication with God is hindered by sin how quickly do I notice?  How earnestly do I respond to repair the broken connection?  


Jenny said...

Thanks for posting this Beth! I really needed to hear that.

mom and dad said...

thanks beth.
love you, mom

AnneB said...

Good thought sis. How wonderful is our position though as we can so easily renew fellowship and not have to rebuild a relationship. I often struggle with fighting guilt and setting up wrong motivation in times like this when the Spirit works rather than glorying in Christ and rejoicing in the hope of the Gospel.
Love you sis,
Mark B

Jennifer said...

very nice post Beth! I really needed to be reminded of this right now!! Thank you for sharing!

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