Sunday, September 12, 2010

a boy and his gun

and whatever else he can get into!

The quality of these photos isn't very good, but this is a great progression to me.  Isaac is SO busy.  He always has been (hands always waving and feet always kicking- I'm sure a Dr. somewhere would love to diagnose him with ADHD already!) but especially these days.   He's into everything!  I don't know who thought that baby toys were a good idea, but after child #1 they are forgotten and the baby wants whatever big brother and big sister have.  Isaac thought he was pretty special here getting Jonas' gun.  Jonas usually keeps all of his toys out of little brothers reach, but he didn't mind Isaac playing with his "old" gun.    
First he chewed on one end, and then the other.
Pretty good form here, right Grandpa B?
btw, check out all SIX teeth- the better to bite you with, mommy :(
That's enough fun with the gun.  He's on to something bigger and better.  Jonas is playing with some legos on the couch.    Let's go check it out!
I LOVE LOVE this cute little look Jonas is giving big brother!

Jonas knows this look can only mean trouble!  The couch isn't a safe place anymore.  It's time to move little brother over!

Stay here, Isaac! 
Nope, no such luck.  He's back!
Show me your smile, big boy!


Matt & Nicki said...

I LOVE that kid!! Isaac Stamper you are TOO cute!

mom and dad said...

i agree w/ nicki!!! your dad hasn't seen this yet but i'm thinkin' he might say "a kid after my own heart:)"

Cathy said...

Cute pictures, Beth!!
To answer your questions... No, I did not paint the crib black, I bought one already black!! :) Yes, I am planning on painting the stairs. The crib is on the wall to the left of where you can walk under the stairs. We are planning on putting a desk area there, so will have to move it somewhere else. The area between the bathroom and Bethany's room will have a counter, sink, microwave & small fridge. So, YES, come and see it in person any time!!!