Thursday, May 20, 2010

same song, second verse

a little bit louder, and a whole lot worse!

Actually, these two little cousins are such good babies that it's taken me weeks to get these pics of good hard cries!  Ian, my adorable nephew, is 4 weeks old today.  The same age that Isaac was when Jason first went to the hospital. The night he had a life saving operation.  As I look at tiny little Ian I remember my anxiety of being separated day and night for several days from Isaac.  I also remember God's overwhelming goodness in bringing people into our lives who love us and who continue to bear our burdens.  Isaac, my baby boy, is 5 months old already.  I'm enjoying every squishy, cuddly, kissable, cooing moment with him.  He doesn't remember any of our month long separation.  He had his milk (thanks to the people carting it back and forth!) and his sleep.  He's happy and healthy.  Praise the Lord!  


{B} said...

wow! 4 weeks old already?
and, wow! 5 months???
where has time gone?!
I'm starting to panic about Graeme's one year birthday party!!!! ;-)

Future of Hope said...

Oh, I would love to kiss and hug BOTH of those precious little boys!
(Since my arms won't reach, will you do the honors for me?)

Janelle said...

PRAISE THE LORD is right!!! Praise Him for His healing hand and for adorable little baby boys to cuddle and love!!!

Beth said...
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