Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy birthday Ella

Ella has been saving her money for a year for an American Girl doll. Along with her birthday money she had enough to buy the doll. We all went to the Mall of America to the BIG American Girl doll store and purchased Felicity.

The store is huge. It is 2 floors with a hair salon for the dolls and a bistro where you can eat with your dolls.
Here is our traditional birthday pancake!

Ella and Felicity are watching Mary Poppins

chocolate chip cookie cake

Ella is gentle, caring, sweet, sensitive, helpful, and kind. She's also flighty and silly. Ella is the perfect little mother to Isaac. She sings to him and holds his hand and whispers softly to him. It's so fun to watch. She loves people and knows no stranger. She's a very endearing little girl who is always smiley. Ella is my child that I have to make time for and try to spend time with. She never demands my attention and easily pacifies herself and is never a bother. She was the most perfect little baby. I seriously didn't hear her cry the first year of her life. I realize how rare that is the more kids we have! :) Ella's life is a musical. She enjoys singing and music and is often in her own little world humming happily to herself. We are so thankful for the 5 wonderful years God has given us with Ella!


Mary Ann said...

What a sweetie! She has a great smile & I'm so happy she was able to get her American Girl doll. I'm sure this is a birthday she won't ever forget!

kellyH said...

that store must be new since I've been there last! I love how you're teaching her to save! that's a long time and she obviously really wanted it!

mom and dad said...

Amen on the discription of Ella! Thanks for the post, sounds like a wonderful day! Love the b-day board!

{B} said...

what a keeper!
I am so impressed that she saved her money for her doll--please tell her so! ;-)
happy birthday, sweet Ella!

p.s. love your chalkboard and the birthday pancake;-)

Matt said...
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Matt & Nicki said...

I love this little girl-she is a sweetie! Great post! You challenge me in the area of enjoying my children to the fullest--thank-you!!