Sunday, November 29, 2009

nesting. nesting hard!

down with the fall decor
up with the Christmas
freezer meals
dozens of cookies baked and frozen
Aleta's apron sewn
Davey's bag
Abby's jean skirt
Sophia's dress altered
Christmas gifts wrapped
Titus' quilt done:
curtains for a neighbor in progress:
my best friend, shop van, and I are making the rounds in each room (fans, filters, registers, baseboards, windows, walls...):
bad pic of a profile project i started long ago... scrapping this idea for now- NO TIME- not too happy w the outcome either... :
oh yeah... decided 2 nights ago i should make a quilt for this baby! yikes... hope i finish:
decoupaged clothes pins to hang anthropology tea towel above kitchen sink:
hmmm.... what else can I do? I'm sure I'll come up with something! I don't remember ever having this much energy with the other pregnancies. However, this is the only time that we're not actually in the middle of a move! We moved the month before I had Jonas. We moved 2 months after I had Ella, and we bought a house the week after Kate was born and worked on it almost daily until we moved in a month later.


Hannah said...

Wow-- You are busy! I hope to learn to quilt. I am getting there. I'm just working on simple things right now but I have a pattern for a nice blanket I want to make for this little one! I loved your last post. So sweet and true!
Too bad about the Christmas cards. I am sending mine out late this year and I'm waiting so I can add his birth announcement too so I can get by only doing postage once. That part is so expensive. So- expect ours late, even though I already have the pictures. I was originally going to wait and use our christmas card as an announcement but this was just such a good deal I figured I can make him his own this way. :-) Are you guys thinking of the name Isaac? My girls are totally stuck on that name and we can't agree on anything so that might be ours too.

Erin Neiner said...

Wow!!! I am so very impressed with your accomplishments! :) Love everything. And loving that tea towel! yum. I have the very bad habit of adding more and more projects at the end, and then have a hard time completing them once the baby is here! I'll pray you get everything done bfore his arrival.
ps. can't wait to see your posts! it really has made blogging enjoyable for me---and not stressful!

Erin Neiner said...

...just checking in. heading over to facebook to see if there's any "news." praying for you!