Saturday, September 26, 2009

family vacation pics

This is where we met Mark and Anne at a gas station on our way down to FL. The cousins had a great time running and getting re-acquainted in this little patch of grass. They were so excited to get to the beach and vacation together! (Ezra, Jonas, Titus, Kate, Ella)

Ezra and Kate loving on each other.

Titus and Ella

I think this pic is funny. I took the picture hoping to capture Jason, Mark, and Mark swimming with dolphins out there, but when I looked at in on the computer I realized that's Jonas' head at the bottom. He wanted to be out there with the big boys so badly!

Kate missed Jason the most the first 2 weeks. She is our "cuddle-bug". This is when she saw him for the first time in FL.

Mark and Amy watched all the kids on Monday night so that Jason and I could go out! Monday, Aug 3 was our 7 year anniversary. Mark and Anne also got away that night. THANK YOU, Mark and Amy!


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful pics & it sounds like a wonderful vacation! Happy anniversary (on my birthday!). And congrats on Baby #4! I hope you're feeling well & it's good to have you back in bloggy-land :-)

Rochelle said...

love the pics! :)