Saturday, April 04, 2009

Can I get an AMEN, sisters?

Are there any other mothers out there who LOATHE polly pockets because of those teeny tiny clothes that me/ I / mommy has to put on and take off about every 5 minutes when said 4 year old wants to play with them?  I probably just need to be patient and let Ella grow up a little bit before letting her get out the p.p's, but if you'll look down at the alternative p.p's play I've created you'll see that they've recently been working out fine!  Ella will play with her little finger people a long time and best of all SHE CAN DRESS THEM HERSELF!!!!


Unknown said...

AMEN!! My twins are finally old enough to to dress them themselves but my Ella struggles SO much! I love the idea of finger people- you are SO creative!

Beth said...

creative? i say just LAZY :)