Friday, February 27, 2009

English please!

The other day Kate came into the living room where Jonas was playing and she was so excited abotut something. She started babbling on and on about it to him. He said, "what?" Kate repeated herself. She was talking faster and faster and rambling on and on. Jonas again repeated in a more impatient voice, "WHAT, KATE?" After the third time of her trying to tell him the same thing he said rather exhasperated "Kate, I can't understand you. You don't speak proper English!"


Janelle said...

That is halarious! Sometimes it's that way around this house, but it's usually me that can't understand! It's getting better, but I'm sure the next one will be worse!

skB said...

Sounds like your kids are just so cute--and I love their names!!

party of eight said...

ADORABLE! so so cute! jonas cracks me up!

amos is behind me saying "happy, happy, happiness!" - no joke.