Friday, October 24, 2008

3 kids in a pile of leaves

Why is it so hard to get one nice picture of 3 kids?  The setting looked perfect, the timing seemed right; however, you can see for yourself that we didn't get that "perfect" shot.  These pics to me though are just right.  They are full of personality and they perfectly represent my kids and my life!  

This is my personal favorite although I wish Jonas' face was showing.  He was trying to corralle the runaway Kate and Ella is obviously worried about a bug or something... photo shoot DONE!


Abby Sokul Turner said...

Adorable! AND, Elijah loved looking at the pictures - he was waving to the kids! So cute!

Matt & Nicki said...

LOVE Ella's face here!!

sc3b said...

What is Kate eating in pics #3 & 4??

The Stamper Story said...

Elijah- I'm sure my kids are waving back and wanting you to join in the "fun"

Nic- I know.. I love it too!

Cathy- Kate's got a mouth full of leaves from all of the ones Ella dumped on her!

Pleasant Vonnoh said...

awww...those are great! The "perfect picture" doesn't have to include everyone looking at the camera and smiling angelically. :) The best ones are the shots that show our kids' personalities, which I think you captured perfectly!

Janelle said...

Those are wonderful pictures! I agree with the last comment. We, and I mean ME, often try to get that perfect picture of them smiling sweetly and posing just right, but when you look back on all those "other" pictures you took trying to get that perfect shot, they totally are the best!

On a side note, I love seeing all the Fall colors in the background and all those leaves! I really miss the beautiful Fall!