Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love you too!

For a few weeks Kate has been saying the words I love you back to me as I say them to her, but today she initiated it.  I got my first
               Lub oo 
 and a big hug to go with it!  Is there anything better than that?  I remember when the other two said that to me and it's such a special moment that makes all those long nights and smelly diapers worth it.  I love you too, Kate-bug!


Carrie said...

My Titus, 2, loves to tell me secrets..and its always the same one -"I Love you" then he adds "to the moon!" So sweet and it always makes me smile.

Janelle said...

Those truly are the most special moments EVER!!! I think I cried the first time Aaron told me "I love you"! I wish I could have gotten it on video to savor forever. Can't wait for Megan to say those golden words that DEFINITELY make "it all" worth it!