Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bathroom- During

It's 5:00. We've gone from at least having a toilet to now having nothing. The bathroom is even bigger. Funny thing is... (ha ha) that we didn't want a bigger bathroom, we just wanted a new shower, tub, toilet, and sink. These things were supposed to be in by now. hmmm....  Things didn't start out very smoothly this morning. The plumbers came at 1:15 and that's when the problems started coming up.  

Plumbers:  "We have a problem.  The tub that we have for you is 32" wide and this wall is only 30" wide."

Me:  "Is this the same tub that we ordered yesterday?"

Plumbers:  "yes it is"

Me:  "Yesterday when we asked you if we needed to move the wall you said that this wall was fine where it was and nothing needed to be changed."  (we had a guy lined up last night to come and deal with the wall and get it ready for the tub install today and we ended up not needing him- or so it seemed)

Plumbers:  "I'm sorry, but that is correct.  Now we can either take this tub back and exchange it for a smaller one that will fit your space or we can wait (leaving us w/out water, tub, sink) for a few more days while the wall gets fixed and then we can get back here to finish the job."  

I guess these kind of "glitches" come up.  We opted for a smaller tub and they are going back to Menards to make the exchange.  

It's 6:00.  We still do not have water.  The sink is FULL of dirty dishes.  Jason is home now to deal with the house.  I'm going to take the kids to McDonalds for supper.  We're going to take our time and hopefully by the time we get home some stuff will be done!

It's 7:00.  Evidently even with the new smaller tub part of the wall has be cut out and the plumbers can't put the tub in after all.  They decide to set the toilet and turn our water back on. 

It's 10:15.  I just got back from running to a friends house for a MUCH needed shower.  There's always tomorrow.  Good night.


Future of Hope said...

Oh yuck!!!!!!

I bet you are even more excited now to get to the "after" pictures in this project! :-)

Blogger said...

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