Friday, September 12, 2008

Bathroom- Day 5

It is still going slow here, but as you can see we do have a bathtub in place and the sink has been installed.  The sink will be working by tonight and hopefully the shower surround will be brought and installed tomorrow!  The job isn't done when the plumbers are done though.  We'll still need to do some tile work, sheetrock, replace the medicine cabinet, painting, etc...  So, I'm not sure when all that will get done.  Since we'll be doing some of it ourselves it will take time. I'm trying to be patient and enjoy the process.  I'm thankful that we're even able to start this job and I do enjoy seeing the slow transformation.  I'm also thankful for friends that are flexible and willing to help us out during this process.  I've showered at 2 different people's houses this week and last night I took the kids over to someone's house for a much-needed bath.  It had been a whole week since they had a bath!  I enjoyed scrubbing them and they wanted to stay and play in the tub forever.  My washing machine has also been out of commission for 5 days.  I was also able to do a load of laundry last night.  


party of eight said...

sounds like a nightmere. remodles never go as scheduled. what a bummer. - you cracked me up, talking about your toilet that rocks... i hate to break it to you, but ours does too. our toilet rocks!

The Stamper Story said...

Janelle, oh- you guys are just as cool as we are!

mom and dad said...

ooooo, scarry!!!!! i really do think dad needs to come help!