Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jo's game

I just came across this game that Jonas made when he was 4 1/2.  He had me write down these directions to go along with it:
     1.  If you land on brown you don't get to do anything.
     2.  If you land on white you don't get to do anything either.
     3.  If you land on a square you can put a bad guy in a dungeon.
     4.  When you go to the jungle- BE CAREFUL!
     5.  When you go on the ocean, go on a boat.
     6.  Find a drum and drum sticks, bones, a line, a cross, and glass.


sc3b said...

That is SO cute!!!

How are you doing on day two of school? (Apparently being nostalgic, huh?)

The Stamper Story said...

just taking time to clean piles of paper around here. i tend to keep way too much of the kids art and stuff like this game. Now that Jonas is at school it seems like I have a lot more time to get to do stuff i've been putting off! it's nice, actually. i'm ok. thanks for asking.

Future of Hope said...

Oh, how sweet!
Beth, that is precious!!!!!

party of eight said...

that is so adorable!