Friday, March 21, 2008

Northland Trip

Monday morning through Wednesday evening we took a college trip to Northland with 9 teens. It was a really good time. Of course, it was especially good for me because Cathy kept Kate! I was also able to spend time with my siblings who are students at Northland (Amy and Justin and girlfriend, Stephanie). Amy kept Jonas and Ella at her house on Tuesday night so I was FREE to spend time with our teens without my kids! I'm afraid I got a little crazy that night! It was lots of fun, but of course it's good to be home. I drove separate so I had a 6 hr drive there and back with the kids.... fun. Actually, it was pretty good. We checked out all the books on CD we could find and one of the girls brought her portable DVD player for me to borrow- AWESOME! I know that Northland is not for everyone, but I think it was a very profitable trip for some of the teens. I know God is working in their lives and they are seeking his will for their future.


Ben and Carissa said...

Any trip without kids is fun! It is that feeling of so little responsibility (and nothing, and no one to carry)! I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Much has happened! Are you looking forward to being left alone for 3 days next month? I am so excited for Ben. He is really looking forward to the conference, but I HATE being left alone. I'm such a scare -D- cat!

The Stamper Story said...

carissa- too bad we can't get together!