Friday, March 28, 2008

Johnson baby boy

Malachi Johnson has arrived! Tonight Nic and I were able to get babysitters and meet at the hospital to visit Janelle and her new sweet baby boy. We got coffee on the way and had a great time sipping our hot drinks together and spending some time with Janelle and Malachi. He's precious! I think this picture is great. He's in the middle of a big yawn ending in a loud and surprising coo. It was adorable. Janelle is sore, but she looks so good! Congratulations to Jason and Janelle and also to 5 little brothers and sisters who are anxiously waiting at home. We love you guys!


Jen said...

Thanks for sharing pics of Janelle and her new baby! That's so awesome!

party of eight said...

you guys were so fun! i enjoyed our laughs even though they hurt pretty bad! thanks for coming to see us!