Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy first birthday baby girl!

H*A*P*P*Y *** B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y *** K*A*T*E
My sweet baby is one. How does this happen? Yes, time flies, but the first year is so amazing to me. You go from watching the minutes on the clock night and day for feedings, changing, burping, wake times, nap times, cuddle times to this- a personality packed little being! This little one year old is becoming increasingly aware of her dependence on me. At the same time though, this coming year she will develop a desire for independence and will struggle to show her will more and more. It's so much work to be her mom, but oh so rewarding! I love this calling and wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. I love you, Kate Noelani.

Welcome to the world

We've been waiting for you!

(you may wonder why I skip from one month old to 4 months... buying house, fixing house to move into, moving, senior doctrinals, graduation, trip to OR for oridination and visit, 4 weeks of camp and 2 of missions trips... that's why!!!)

4 month- chubs and 2 teeth

5 months- sitting

5 1/2 months- crawling

6 months- on the go!

7 months- standing

8 and 9 months- walking around furniture, climbing, saying words

11 months- 9 teeth

The video below is just a sweet memory for me at 3 months- the first great giggles and squeals


Meg Anne Tuttle said...

Happy Birthday Kate!
I found this in my "archives."

Hannah said...

How sweet Beth-- It goes by way too fast. I can't believe my Emily is going to be one in less than a month. Where does the time go? It makes me want another.

Matt & Nicki said...

I visited those feet in the hospital!!! Funny you and I were just reminiscing about that today--I can't believe how quickly the time goes. She's a sweet little girl!

The Stamper Story said...

Nic- and SOON I'll be visiting you there!

Jon, Karen, Michael, & Katie said...

Just browsing by and thought I would tell you how darling your sweet kids are! Children are such an amazing blessing!

Alex & Jessica Lima said...

Beth, I don't know if you remember me, I am Jessica Duarte Lima, the Duarte's oldest daughter & I enjoy looking at your blog. Your children are so beautiful! You seem to be doing a great job with them. God bless you & happy late birthday to sweet little Kate :)

party of eight said...

oh wow, i can't believe she is a year already. i remember going out to your house in buffalo after she was born and being so sad missing my kids. wow, my life has changed since then. - your kids are beautiful!