Monday, March 24, 2008


It is always awe inspiring to reflect on the resurrection of our Lord. Last week was missions conferene at our church and that ties in so well with this week's Easter celebration. It's only by the completed work of Christ on the cross and His glorious resurrection from the dead that we GO and TELL! Our church has a "sunrise" breakfast and service at 9 AM. The food and fellowship there was so good. After church we had more great food and fellowship at our house! Look who's here: (not the eggs and chick, the next picture!)

Uncle Mark and Aunt Amy are here this week!
And here are the cute girly-whirly's in their Easter dresses.


party of eight said...

i love your family picture on your profile. so adorable. we will need to have one taken this summer when i get a tan and thin out a little... :)

thanks for calling me sat.

i love the girls easter outfits. dressing kids is so fun!

you are such a good mommy,

that is awesome that your sister came into town !


Matt & Nicki said...

Your pictures are great! I love the Kate and Ella coordinate:) Great job on Ella's outfit--Matt even commented on it:)