Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sour Dough Bread

My aunt, Erin, has posted the originals starter AND the steps for making the bread AND the cinnamon rolls on her blog. Thanks Erin!

Erin asked me about blueberries. I was watching America's Test Kitchen on Saturday and they made blueberry scones. I thought that blueberries sounded like a great idea for the sour dough so I rolled out the dough like I would for cinnamon rolls (see directions on Erin's site!) and sprinkled canned blueberries over. I do have some fresh/ frozen blueberries, but I thought I'd try canned this time for some reason. I sprinkled them generously with sugar and then folded the dough over a few times. I sealed the ends together and cut the long roll into 2 pieces. These became my loaves. I spread melted butter over them and more sugar.

Oh, I also add raisens a lot of times to the cin rolls. Jonas and Ella love to help me with that!

Erin also mentioned that she cuts out some of the sugar in the dough making process. That's what I did and I assumed that's why they tasted bad, but maybe that's not it. I sure hope I didn't ruin my starter! I'll try again soon and post the results.

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Erin Neiner said...

thanks for the recipe! This sounds like a perfect winter thing to do. I had received an amish starter and after 2 times...let it go too long. So I'm looking forward to being able to end it and start it back up when I'm able.

I'm looking forward to your response! Especially with experience of 3 and all your own sibling love!! :) I'll probably add a link to your post when its up. No hurry, of course! :) Duty calls!!

p.s. I also love your new fam pic. I need to do that on mine. The "x" is driving me a little crazy. I think Jason is the perfect "Oregon/Minnesota" looking husband!! :)