Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's 36 degrees today!

Yes, we are thrilled to announce that we had "warm" weather today! I don't think we've felt this kind of heat wave for 5 months. Look, the kids aren't wearing hats! Their poor little albino skin is feeling the sunshine! As soon as we got home from church today I put snow pants and boots on them (right over their church clothes!) and they got to run free until Jason got home for lunch. Since we've been stuck inside for so much of this month due to -35 degree windchills we are LOVING today! We've been here enough winters to know that spring is definitely not here yet, but we'll enjoy today while we've got it.

This is a pretty bad picture (I'm cut off, it's sooo white, etc...) but for some reason I really like it! I think it might be the one little patch of dead grass that Ella's in that I'm enjoying. We haven't seen the earth for a long time and that little patch (which is mostly mud right now and yes, Ella was covered in it) gives me hope! Kate was so happy happy to be out of her big furry snow suit. Poor baby. She doesn't even remember life without that thing.

I just wanted to share the Stamper's excitement over the beautiful day we're enjoying. Here's to "sun"day and many happy returns!


Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

So glad you were able to go out doors and have some fun! I thought of you last week as I bundled Titus and Ezra up to go on our walk. I think it was 40 degrees and I was wondering if I should even exercise that day...but then I giggled to myself and thought of how warm you would think 40 degrees was! So, we went on our walk anyway and thought of you all up in the frozen tundra. My cousin Kim called me yesterday and left a message that they were going on a walk because it was warm there...she lives in minneapolis and sounded so excited to be taking her kids and the dogs on a walk! Hope it is nice again today!

Jen said...

Beth, you seem to really take in the little things. Like 36 degree weather. That's awesome to be grateful for even the little things. It was a beautiful day! Way to capture it and help your kids really enjoy it.