Saturday, October 20, 2007

From a 4 Year Old's Perspective

The other night as we were driving home from church Jonas and I had a discussion about age:

Jonas- Mommy, how old is grandpa?
Me- He's like 50 years old!
Jonas- Then how old is daddy?
Me- He's 27.

Jonas- So, is grandpa older or daddy older?
Me- 50 is bigger than 27, so grandpa is older than daddy.
Jonas- Well, grandpa must have a REALLY big and tall house then or else his head would get stuck in the ceiling!
The conversations that I have with my kids coming to and from church are so great! We have a 20 min drive and I hear some pretty funny stuff. Sometimes on Sunday mornings when I ask about the Bible story there are blank stares, other times (usually Jonas) is bursting with every detail and just can't get the words out fast enough! He gets so excited about the lesson and talks for 20 minutes straight (w/out pausing for breath I think!). Jonas also likes to make up stories and tell them to the rest of us. I REALLY need to record them. I try to always remind him that the "cool" stories from Sunday school are real and true and are from God's Word.

I know that some of my friends keep journals to record all of the things their children say. I have good intentions of doing that, but I just never block out time to do it (and here I sit blogging!!! oops!) Does anyone else have ideas of ways to preserve these precious years? Please share!


sc3b said...

Well, here is a site that turns your blog into a book. You could probably pick out which posts you want and for $12.95 you get 40 pages bound in a book - complete with pictuers, too!! Sounds good to me.

Beth and Jason said...

Thanks Cathy! I've done a little research about that, but this helps a lot.

Hannah said...

Hi Beth-- I do the journal thing. I also have a video camera and when she comes up with something funny I try to get her to say it again for the camera so I can have it on tape. They are just too precious and I know they will grow up too soon and I want to treasure everything.

Erin Neiner said...

Very, very cute!!! I love to see Drew's mind churning & bursting with creativity. Sounds like Jonas is the same way!!

OK, to start, I would say invest in a portable tape player and start bringing it with you to church. Record your trips. What sweeter way to have it first hand (i.e. all the gory details!!) AND you'll get to hear his sweet voice for years to come!!! That's what I would do. Then, when you have more "time" you can officially record it in a journal. :)

partyofsix said...

that is adorable. just keep blogging it... at least you have it recorded that way. you can always print everything out someday.

Future of Hope said...

Have you ever heard the old, old tapes that mom (aka Grandma Donna) has of everyone? When you are there, ask her about them.
Basically, they used to just let the tape recorder run for Christmas and get togethers. There is some awesome things on them, and they are a great way to remember those who have passed away (like Grandma and Grandpa Barker).
There is also a tape of you when you were like 3 or something. Too cute!
Come to think of it, your mom would send me tapes when I was little, right after she was married. :-)
On another note, Nat keeps a journal that he one day plans to give to the boys. He records little funny sayings that they come up with. He also records them on our family blog: That is a fun way for our family to keep in touch with us and the boys.