Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams! It's been a 5-year rush! I never knew what "I do" would mean completely, and I never will till the end. It's good to not know the future. It's amazing to stand hand in hand with your best friend and dream about it together though. I love you Jason.
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Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary Bethy, you got married the day I stepped on the plain and flew home to Africa. bitter sweet. I missed your wedding. but my heart was there.
I love you

Sarah said...

yes, I know how to spell.

Matt & Nicki said...

happy anniversary friends!! Relax tongight--it's been a long summer for you guys:)

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Happy Anniversary! The big number 5! We're only at number 4, but in many ways (maybe because we were together since my freshman year!!) it seems like it should be longer, yet in other ways it seems like only days ago I made that covenant before God and man.


partyofsix said...

awe, that's sweet. happy anniversary.