Sunday, April 22, 2007

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

It's Sunday morning. Sunday school is starting. God's people are gathering together for sweet fellowship around the Word and here I sit at home. With three small kids it's not too unusual to be at home sometimes on Sundays because of sickness, but today is different. I actually had a terrible night of sleep (yes, Kate is 6 weeks old now, but I only got 1 1/2, 2, and 2 more hours last night!), but I was able to have Kate fed, take a shower, dress Jo and Ella, and actually make coffee! Jason leaves at 8:00 to pray with the pastors before church. So, he had already begun the 45 min. drive. The kids and I were ready at 8:30 (no small feat!) and were walking out the front door when I realized my keys were not hanging on the hook where they belong. No problem, don't panic! The search for the keys was on! They were nowhere to be found and by this time Jonas and Ella were looking in the flower beds. YIKES! "Don't get dirty! Stop shoveling! Put those sticks down! Get out of the rocks!" With each command I gave, my plan not to lose my sanctification during this process was failing! My voice was getting a little more shrill; my frustration was growing. Still no keys and now Ella trips down the front step and gets a bloody knee. Kate starts screaming (and continues for about 20 minutes). Jonas was cute though running back and forth trying to comfort each sister. It was at about this time that I remembered where the keys were... in the car. Yes, they were locked inside. Thankfully I had not locked the front door behind us yet. There I sat on the front steps holding Ella who was crying. Kate was in her carseat just a few feet away crying, and all I could do was sit there and have a little cry with them. Jonas gave up on us ridiculous women and started running around the yard. My sleep deprived mind at first thought about how unfair this was, but then I decided to count my little blessings... 1, 2, 3 and to take the time to enjoy them... Jonas, Ella, Kate. So, we all ran around the yard in our church clothes for awhile. Dirt washes; tears dry; but these moments we choose to make memories with our children will last forever! I'm enjoying the unexpected time with the kids this morning even though we're all dressed up with nowhere to go.


Future of Hope said...

my dear Beth,

Thank you for the reminder of our little blessings. (Can Kate REALLY be six weeks old already?!?!?!)

I love you so much, and I am so proud of you and Jason. God bless you both and the three little ones that He has entrusted to you. He could not have chosen better parents for your little ones.

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Oh, I'm sorry your morning was to rough!! I'm sure you’re anxious to be a little closer to church. Nice perspective on all of it - dirt washes! :) I wish I could have been at church to welcome you with outstretched arms when you finally got there! Although, I don't think we were ever the huggy type, were we? That morning might have warranted one though. Okay, "Love you. Bye!" :)

partyofsix said...

oh beth! that seriously sounds like a sunday morning in my life only a month ago. or even a wednesday night. thankfully, jason being at the church is only 3 minutes away for me (when we locked ourselves out.) - it was sweet to read how you are cherishing your kids. they are such precious treasures. i sure miss mine.

Erin Neiner said...

I guess I should also give up hope for peaceful quiet days as well, for awhile! :) The other day, something happened to drew and he was doing the "loud crying" in my ear because I was hugging him; Jack was lying next to me screaming; and there was nothing I could do... I could have probably screamed along with them, and I think it took everything in me to keep from doing that! But you're right! These times pass way too quickly to allow the wonderful memories fly with them! Way to make a fun memory out of a huge frustration!!!! Your doing a great job!!!

MainelyKids said...

Hey there Beth.....This is Myah Morris.....I was friends with Beth (Whitely) at Northland....Oh my Goodness what a beautiful family you have.....what a funny post!!! I give you credit for even having a hubby and I decided 2 were enough (my 2nd preg almost killed me) and if any more were on the horizon....we'll adopt :) I had a similar day yesterday and ended up in mud up to my ankels playing with pollywog eggs in my favorite pair of sandals (not meant for mud) with two 3 year olds and my 9 month old looking on from the stroller...My son quickly got on the phone and called his cousin who is now coming over today so we can catch some of the eggs in a bucket and watch them grow..
I have been trying to track Beth you know of a way to reach her???? My email address is

Hope you don't mind I've been reading your blog...such cute kids and what a wonderful mother you are...Talk to you later.....Myah

Ben and Carissa said...

Things sure cheer up when you look at your kids in different eyes. They are so cute and so much fun! I was on my way to Wed night church when Luke was new born (7 days to be exact)when I locked him inside the car along with my cell phone and diaper bag and of course the keys to the locked house. I had started the car early (our car has a self start) to cool it off a little before taking out the boys. I finally got out there and got Luke snapped in, the bags, etc all packed in. I shut the door and was taking Ethan around to the other side when the timer on the self start ran out,the car shut off, and the doors automatically locked. There I am standing in the parking lot with my 7 day old baby locked in the car. Thankfully one of my neighbors was out and called the non-emergency #. A fire truck, ambulance, and another emergency vehicle were all there in minutes, sirens blaring to rescue my poor infant!! Talk about embarrassing! Needless to say, we did NOT go to church that evening. I could not stop crying!!