Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Winter Storm

This past weekend it snowed and snowed and snowed for 3 days! Jonas loved it. Ella and I were stuck inside sick, Jason shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. He had to go out about 6 different times- several hours each time. We just kept thinking, any minute now I would go into labor in the middle of this snow storm and never make it to the hospital. By the way, the hospital I'm going to deliver at is in Minneapolis (Abbot). I live in Buffalo. That's about an 1 1/2 hour drive in good conditions. That's not counting dropping the kids off somewhere or Jason being at church when it happens (45 min. from Buffalo). I do NOT have a history of fast delivery's so that's a good - I guess. I just never want to be one of those women on TV who had a baby on the side of the road!
Yesterday afternoon was the 3 hour inspection of the home we're purchasing. It was so thorough and fun to see. We enjoyed going over every square inch of the house and dreaming about how we would fix and change things over time. Praise the Lord that everything looks normal and there's no huge problems. Thank you Meg for keeping the kids and for surprising me with dinner already made when I picked them up! You are a blessing!
Oh, this is pretty random to throw into this post, but Jason's car died-completely-never to go again-yesterday on the side of the road. He called me and I came to his rescue- about 25 min. later. Thankfully he wasn't frozen! It's funny that he's waiting for the paniced "I'm in labor" call to rush home as fast as he can and I'm the one that got the call from him yesterday! Well, as this day is just starting I'm praying and praising our God for His sovereignty in our lives and just can't help wondering "what's going to happen today"?


sc3b said...

Hey, who did your home inspection? My step-brother does that for a living and lives in Minnetonka. (Gary Vaness)

Matt & Nicki said...

What adventures Beth!! I'm a little behind in posting--I probably won't have snow storm pictures on until the end of March . .way to stay on top of things even in the midst of chaos!;)
Thanks for stopping by yesterday--I was glad to see your floorplan...we need a playdate/packing/coffee drinking day SOON!!:)

Beth and Jason said...

Cathy- it was Dave somebody. I wish we knew! That would have been fun to give our $300 to him and not some random person. Oh well.

Nic- YES! Come over! Wear your masks so you won't get sick though. :( It's been nice borrowing Mark's camera so we'd have a few pics.