Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter Wonderland! This post is dedicated to all my family in the South!

The snow has finally come! I really hate the stuff and we're so thankful we've made it to January without a slushy winter so far, but it was so fun to watch the kids enjoy their first snow and evn I admit that it is beautiful!
Ella liked the snow, but couldn't move an inch!
Jonas LOVES the snow!
Sledding at a friends house.Jason,Ella, and Jonas


partyofsix said...

ok beth, i'm confused. don't you guys live in buffalo? do you have all that snow now, or those pictures a few weeks old? b/c we have nothing but crusty snow patches over here in north minneapolis.

those were really cute pictures. i just bought our kids snow pants and boots today. (they were 1/2 off at the thrifty store so i was pretty excited about that.)

God bless you guys!


Beth and Jason said...

Janelle, I'm behind! This snow was 2 Sundays ago. We did get tons of snow in Buffalo though. It's still covering the ground. I LOVE the 1/2 off sale! Good job.

Troy & Sherry said...

no snow for us :(oh well - enjoy it for us! i hope you are enjoying the fun times and i really hope you are feeling well!

6packB said...

Beth, I just got off my site and LOVED looking thru yours. I have so much to say but have never commented on blogsite before, so i want to make sure this goes thru first. It was especially fun for Moses to see Jonas and all his Christmas gifts. He wants the road rug and the b-ball hoop! And I HAVE to say: I love the window you hung by itself in your bedroom and the one you decorated. Did you make the Merry Christmas letters. I am going to keep those pictures for a future reference. More later. Love you!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Girl! If that happened in the south-- everything would be shut down until April! I remember school being cancelled for DAYS because the ground started to get a little crunchy! Great pictures! Fun Fun Fun

samantha said...

I do not miss that stuff!!! I've heard a little complaining from my boys though----the poor things think that snowboards are surfboards that go on the snow!!!