Friday, December 29, 2006

More cruise pics

Our Cruise Ship
Our Cabin
Midnight Fruit Buffet


Leah C said...

Midnight Buffets! What a perfect setup for a pregnant woman! Glad to hear you had a nice vacation before #3. What is #3? Girl/Boy? Leah? It is a nice name you know. :)

Beth and Jason said...

Actually we don't have a girls name picked out, so I'll add yours to the list! You're so generous to let me use it! :) The midnight buffets were awsome! There were buffets from morning to night anyway, but then there were special ones at midnight. Our favorite was the all you can eat chocolate buffet! It was the best!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Another Leah is here to comment! Must be a sign-- what a great name :) Wow! I've heard that the best part of cruise ships is all the food that is available. That's great that you and Jason were able to get away like that for a bit.

Beth and Jason said...

I don't know... Leah... Ella... too confusing! Sorry friends! I already have a hard time. I say Josan, Janus, Jella, Jo-Ella. I never thought I'd be a mom like that, but I am. I can just hear myself... Jo-Leah, El-Leah, Le-Ella, Le-Jo-Jason! Ha!